My September goals

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How is September here already? REALLY?

This year is going so fast. Everyone says it right. Well that’s because we’re all noticing it. I especially. I want to start setting some goals for each month, so these are some of the ones I am considering this month:

  1. Get some new kick ass clients for social media coaching

Not sure if you guys knew, but as part of the day job, I help cool businesses with social media. So now I’m open to some new clients and looking forward to working with them to create awesome strategies and content for their businesses!

       2. Book Mumford & Sons tickets

So M&S (not the shop) is my favourite band in the world. FACT. I have been wanting to see them for years and it really irks me that every time they announce their tour, I cannot go. NOT THIS YEAR. This year will be the year I get to see them and I will scream. I will cry. I will siiiiinggggggg. They’re going on tour in December in the UK. I cannot wait.

       3. Be able to run eight miles by the middle of September

Ok so, I’m still running this half marathon, which is on October 11th. As you might know, I am SO UNFIT. I am getting slightly fitter. I can feel myself getting better. It’s to raise money for Amnesty and I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you would help our cause and donated whatever you could here. <3

       4. Get a hat with cat ears on

Cause I want one. Imperative. Considering this one.

       5. Go to two networking events

This is something I definitely need to do more of. It’s such a good way to find new clients and new friends, so I want to try and make sure am doing at least two a month. I have my first one booked – which is The War for Talent & What Women Want – an awesome event focusing on girls in tech. So am hoping to meet some kick ass women at this one!

What are your goals for the new season?

Sarah Betty xx 

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  • Jessica

    OMG cat ear hats are adorable and good luck with the running hun xx