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I’m starting a new series on Mondays, that dreaded day for some, and for others a day of just sheer opportunity. It will focus on inspirations, happiness and motivation.

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk from bloggers and girl bosses on what it is that makes you different – how can you separate yourself from the masses? And let’s face it, the Internet REALLY makes you aware of just how many blogs/micro businesses etc there are out there, right?

But, the one thing we have to realise and it’s often right in front of our noses, is that we, you, me, I – we have everything we need to set ourselves apart. Just as no two people (apart from twins) has the same genetic makeup – or the same two eyes, ears or mouth, well no two people have exactly the same way of doing things.

So your blog or business will naturally be set apart, because you, my lovely are unique. So stop stalking your competitors, don’t be jealous of another’s success. Just see this as being one stage closer to your very own.

Take some time and really think about what it is that makes you, you. Maybe list out five things that you’re really passionate about and feature those in your blog, or perhaps make it a product of your business?

For me, I realised I loved motivating people and even though there’s other people out there who do that, there’s no who will quite do it the way I will do it. Not with a little glitter, a creative flair etc that I might possess. So as well as launching Hello Betty and running The Fashion Galleries, I’m now working with and coaching kick ass female entrepreneurs to help them quit their jobs/generate creative ideas for their businesses. I’m SO happy I finally did it.

What is it that makes you different? Are you looking to start a new business?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Sarah Betty xx 

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