Sarah Betty travels: Trinidad and Tobago

White sandy beaches, colour clashes in carnival and swimming with dolphins – two weeks in Trinidad and Tobago was bliss.

Where I stayed:

Turtle Beach by Rex Resorts  This lovely resort is located in a quiet area, directly on the beach, and our room had open sea views. I loved the swimming pool with its swim up bar and Jacuzzi sitting right in the centre of things.

Sarah Betty travel Turtle Beach by Rex Resorts Tobago Hotel 2

Sarah Betty jet skiing Tobago Sarah Betty Turtle Beach Rex Resorts Tobago

We were all inclusive, so the days were spent eating with views over the private palm-fringed beach. Here we made friends with a cool rasta called Engine, and his artist friend Dylan. They made gorgeous art on the beach, and sold it to tourists – so naturally I bought quite a lot. We whiled away the days speaking with this duo, from everything to do with business, global expansion and art.

Sarah Betty Tobago travels Dylan the painter

Sarah Betty Tobago rasta

One of the downsides was that there was a lot of older people there and not many younger people, so we found that integrating with people our own age was quite difficult.

What I did:

Boat trip!

Sarah Betty Tobago boat trip Sarah Betty boat trip Tobago 2 Sarah Betty boat trip Tobago 3

Sarah Betty boat trip Tobago 5

We hopped on a boat, which played Caribbean hits on repeat and went snorkelling in turquouse waters. I even got to do my lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins. About 10 of them, and one swam up and touch my hand with its nose! It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

We also went for a BBQ on an island called No Man’s Land, which sat in the middle of nowhere. It was so beautiful that it looked like something from Conde Nast Traveller.


An array of colours, winding and grinding and spectacular displays – you’re never quite prepared for carnival in Trinidad. It’s two days of dancing, walking and drinking rum. I even bought some little gold shorts and a mask to fit it.

But keep your wits about you, we saw a few gangs of teenage boys with their eyes on tourist’s bags, but that will happen anywhere.

Sarah Betty Trinidad Carnival 2 Sarah Betty Trinidad Carnival Sarah Betty Trinidad Carnival 3

Sarah Betty Trinidad Carnival 5

Pigeon Point:

One of the most gorgeous places on the whole island, it has a great party vibe, without being too much. Oh and the sands, and the waters! White and turquoise, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Sarah Betty Pigeon Point Tobago 3 Sarah Betty Pigeon Point Tobago Sarah Betty Pigeon Point Tobago 2

How I got there:

It’s actually a lot more afforable than you think to get there. We travelled with Monach for £470 and they only leave once a week on a Wednesday from Gatwick. And you can upgrade to more legroom for £40 which really helps the journey.

I prefer Tobago to Trinidad, it has to be said. The people seemed to be friendlier and it was just more or a paradise island. Trinidad is great for hustle and bustle, and I think for a day or so it’s perfect, especially when Carnival is on.

Have you been to Trinidad and Tobago? Which island did you prefer?

Sarah Betty xx 

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