Decorating my fashion office

In three months time, I’m hoping for my very own fashion office in East London, so naturally I’m dreaming of how to decorate it…
Sarah Betty fashion office 8 Sarah Betty fashion office 7 Sarah Betty fashion office 6 Sarah Betty fashion office 5 Sarah Betty fashion office 4 Sarah Betty fashion office 3 Sarah Betty fashion office 2 Sarah Betty fashion office

Sheep skin throws, mood boards, gleaming Macs, beautiful blooms in glittered waters – it really will be the prettiest of offices. It’s important to have a mix of it being a show room and office, so it needs to be very pretty because:

a) we’re going to be there every day

b) press and stylists will be coming in

Launching my new business The Fashion Galleries and Wonsuponatime, we need to be hosting everything we have in a beautiful showroom, to lend samples out, but also for photography etc. I also don’t want it to be ‘too’ officey, because it should feel like a beautiful home away from home if you’re going to be there for long periods of time.

The office will be gold, white and black, as these are the colour tones of my businesses and they go so well together. I really like the idea of the glittery coat hangers with positive messages on – and it’s linked to fashion too, which is always nice.

I am looking at locations in East London, because there are lots of cool, creative businesses to hook up with, and there are also brilliant coffee shops and bars around for playtime too. After all, you need to get out of the office at some point.

All these pictures are taken from my Pinterest board, so if you’re looking more inspiration for your office, have a look on there.

Have you got any more ideas for me?

Sarah Betty xx

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