Video blog: exploring Covent Garden

We wondered around Covent Garden as it started turning dark, and the flames threw shadows onto all of the walls. It’s so magical there any time of the year and I love walking on the cobbles, imagining I was in the 18th Century with Penny.

Couples huddled under the heat lamps, and the damp pavements made everything quite slippy. My sparkling silver New Look shoes made it as though I was walking on snow and threatened to topple me over at any given point.

I always find pink a beautiful colour to wear on darker days. It reminds me of candy floss, spring and smiles. Wrapping up with a leather jacket and faux fur gilet took the cold edge off the nippy air, which also turned my cheeks a similar colour of pink to my dress.

It was a lot of fun prancing around in front of the camera! Even if I do get some strange looks!

Sarah Betty xx

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