Stylust: Outsider White Shirt Dress with Obi Belt

Sarah Betty Outsider white shirt dress with obi belt Sarah Betty Outsider white shirt dress with obi belt 2

I don’t now about you, but I’m already looking at my summer wardrobe and what I want to wear. This is always especially true for business…what can I wear in the day time, that’s smart, but feminine and very me? I like a quirky take on the classic.

So when I spotted this beautiful white shirt dress from Outsider, I needed to blog about it asap! Made from organic cotton sateen, all of Outsider’s clothes are ethical and made by the ever-so-talented Noorin Khamisani.

You can buy the Outsider White Shirt Dress with Obi Belt for £155 on that link.

What do you think of this dress? Do you love it as much as I do?

Sarah Betty xx

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  • Style is…

    Really love Noorin’s beautiful collections and also amazing that they are both sustainable and ethical too!

    • SarahBetty

      Hi Ceri, thanks for your comment! I love that about them too, I really need it in my life xx

  • steph / absolutelyfuzzy

    that’s a gorgeous white dress! so feminine!

    • SarahBetty

      Hi Steph, thanks for stopping by! I know, I just adore it. Perfect for summer business meetings or even picnics! xx