My 2014 resolutions

Sarah Betty's 2014 resolutions

Travel to Thailand

It’s been a dream of mine to travel to Thailand for a long time, and actually 5 years ago, I booked a trip there and never went. The reason being because i was moving to Australia, and I met my boyfriend (who I am still with) and didn’t want to leave. Turns out that was a great idea, but I’ve still never been!

Find an investor for Wonsuponatime
I’ve said it recently in this post, but I am searching for the right investor for Wonsuponatime. There have been a few conversations, but no one yet I love. We little unicorns have some big plans for 2014, so we need someone who wants to be part of the adventure!

Remain self employed

Last year I got a tattoo to remind myself to be free, and this year I need to uphold that. I fought tooth and nail to remain independently employed in 2013 and there were some very near moments where I thought I wouldn’t make it! I am still on the way and I know it will be a little easier, so I have to keep self employed and be true to the promise I made myself.

Blog much more than I did last year
When I launched Wonsuponatime, I knew it would take over my life. I did not however, think it would stop me blogging as much. But it did. I love blogging, it’s what kicked everything off for me. It taught me social media, photography, website building, SEO and gave me connections. Essentially, my blog has been my teacher and don’t want to stop learning. So I’ve become more personal on it and I hope you like the direction I’m taking (it does have my name on it after all!).

Create more video blogs
I made my first video blog the other day and I LOVED doing it. It was so much fun running around in front of the camera with Harry Dog. My only problem in London, is who is going to film me? Finding someone to do this is quite difficult, have you guys any tips? I want to do more videos where I speak, but slowly coming out of my shyness. Watch this space.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported me in 2013, including you, my lovely readers. There would be nothing worth writing if you weren’t here!

Sarah Betty xx

  • Amy

    Lovely post hun :) I would love to travel to Thailand too so really hope you get to do it. Love the blog, and look forward to reading more posts as they come.

    Happy new year xx

    • SarahBetty

      Thanks for stopping by! I am hoping to go in May! xx