Business Betty: why it doesn’t matter if people don’t ‘get’ what you do

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I’ve been self employed now for just over a year and there are many ups and downs to it. I’d say some of the hardest is supporting your business with consultancy, where your clients can take up to three months to pay you. And the second hardest? When friends and family don’t believe in you. Oh and when they make that very public.

I think it’s very easy for people to take the negative, especially when they are ignorant, they don’t understand the situation entirely, but decide to use their full judgement.

It’s ok they don’t understand, but it’s not ok to try and put you down because of it. I would never dream of doing that with you, so why is it ok for you to do it with me?

But there’s this quote I love, and God it really gets me through:

Sarah Betty quote


The point is not everyone has been on the journey with us, and I know as someone who runs the business day in and out, pretty much alone (aside from the lovely Emily Jones), that you have to be strong. Because, quite clearly, no one else is going to be strong for you.

And nobody else can see the vision you see in your head for the business, the one that burns in your mind day in and out. Day by day you chip away at that vision, you head closer to it, but it IS a journey and so you have to bear the burden of criticism. People can criticise what they can’t see, because that is easy!

It’s my job to sell that vision, I know this. But to the right people (investors, co workers) and not to convince people that what I am doing is right. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s right, that is your opinion.

So what I’m trying to say is, no matter what you’re doing, a job, project, whatever that people don’t believe in. Screw them, it’s not for them! People only ever understand success in my opinion, but that depends on how you measure success. For me, it’s about being able to survive based on my own ideas, not someone else’s. There’s a huge success in freedom, and I won’t let your opinion clip my wings.

Have you ever had this too? Please do share with me!

Sarah Betty xx

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  • Style is…

    I know how you feel, I had plenty of people that didn’t understand when I was doing consultancy work. Luckily I didn’t listen to them and carried on anyway. I think everyone has to do what they think is right no matter what others say.

  • the style crusader

    Totally with you on this. I saw that quote recently floating around Pinterest and I instantly connected with it. It’s so true that you need to follow what’s important to you and not get bogged down by trying to make sure everyone around you is on the same page. It’s great to do your own thing and it’s admirable to chase your dreams even if people around you don’t get it.

    Completely get where you’re coming from. xx

  • Sophie Marette

    What a great piece. I’ve always been lucky to have supportive friends and sister. Keep going, and maybe ask money upfront to avoid late payments?

  • Kate

    I have this amazing friend. She’s always loved fashion and style and writing. She’s also bloody brilliant at it. She’s inspired me and countless other people to follow their dreams. She doesn’t want to work for anyone else, so she doesn’t. She doesn’t want to take the road of least resistance because that’s easier, so she doesn’t. She doesn’t want to follow crowds of other people doing the same thing and building someone else’s dream for them because they’re too scared, so guess what? She doesn’t!
    She does work harder than most people I know, find creative ways to express herself and build beautiful, unique brands that people love.
    On this Valentine’s Day, I just hope she knows how proud I am, how wonderful she is and how much I love her :)
    Disclaimer: No alcohol was consumed in the writing of this comment!