2014 dreams: on opening up a boutique

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of opening my own boutique. My own space, where I could sell beautiful (and glittery) things to girls like myself. These are some of the images inspiring me:

Sarah Betty boutique Sarah Betty boutique 2 Sarah Betty boutique 3 Sarah Betty boutique 4 Sarah Betty boutique 5

Sarah Betty boutique 7 Sarah Betty boutique 6
With Wonsuponatime, it’s so much fun doing everything online – you reach the whole world, just through your website. It’s so exciting about the mass and growth of something like that. And sharing the amazing designer stories with everyone really does make me happy.

But I think I want somewhere where people can come to see the designs – touch and feel them. It also gives the whole company a base, and I think that’s what we need. So at the moment, I’m looking for places in London, seeing what’s feasible, but I think despite my past reservations, I do want to have a boutique in London. I also think we’re going to be expanding to telling the stories of all designers in fashion, not just jewellery, as I am passionate about all design!

It’s definitely not going to work like a normal boutique though, but I cannot say too much on that. I just know that in today’s climate, it’s got to be different and it’s certainly got to stand out. So there’s a lot of planning, after a lot of thinking over Christmas and I am SO excited, I pretty much cannot think about anything else.

Where do you think would be a good place to open a boutique in London? I definitely need your help!

Sarah Betty xx

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  • Susanisgone

    Ah… This sounds soo exciting Saeah! Good luck with it all!x

    • http://sarahbetty.co.uk SarahBetty

      Thanks so much for stopping by Val! I cannot wait to have your lovely designs in there xx

  • http://www.prettygreentea.com Daisy

    I can’t suggest on the best areas in London but I can wish you the best of luck. This all sounds very exciting and if you need a hand or help feel free to give me a shout!x