Pinning: my favourite fashion illustrations

I used to draw a lot as a child. I would spend hours, and hours drawing on my mum’s printing paper, making a series of sketches about a set of twins I had invented. Disney only heightened my love of drawing and the faces I drew started to take on the cheek bones of the princesses and the rounded eyes of the different characters.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved the beautiful, and often magical take on illustration in the fashion world. So naturally, I love pinning as many as I can find:

Sarah Betty Fashion Illustrations 2 Sarah Betty Fashion Illustrations 3 Sarah Betty Fashion Illustrations 4 Sarah Betty Fashion Illustrations Ashley OlsenSarah Betty Fashion Illustrations Tavi Pop Magazine

Sadly, Pinterest doesn’t always allow for the creators of the work to be attributed, and I’ve often spent quite a while trying to find who created these beautiful images I fall in love with. So if you do recognise your drawings, please do let me know!

I really love the one of Ashley Olsen, it’s so beautiful. My other favourite is the several ullustrations od different girls, which almost has an anime look to it.

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Which do you like the best?

Sarah Betty xx

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