My first video blog: A December’s Walk

So if you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I have been talking a lot about wanting to do a video post, but I was just too shy. There seems to be something about putting yourself very out there when you do a video. It’s not just hiding behind a blog, which has been so easy to do in the past, but now you’re out there! So here it is, my first attempt:

I wanted my first vlog to be without me speaking, as I’m not quite ready for that yet. Sorry some of it’s out of focus and a little shaky – let’s pretend I was going for that?

The field I’m walking in with Harry Dog is the back field of my parent’s house, where I used to spend hours playing out. It’s so quiet there, and I always love going for walks when we’re back.

What do you think of my first video? Any tips?

Sarah Betty xx

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