Finding an investor: a love story

I’m on the dating season. I’m a bundle of nerves, worried about what I’m wearing and if I have the correct vital statistics. I’m not worried about how my partner feels about it, because the sort of dating I am doing is finding an investor.

I’m looking for something long term, someone who believes in me and respects my decisions. In both investments and married life, the best results happen when you make a commitment and stick to it – for better and for worse. I am also looking for someone who loves my business as much as I do, but who will give me the space to run it, trusting that I did a good job so far.

I’ve put everything I have into Wonsuponatime in the last year. Lots of money (not a ridiculous amount), my free time, my weekends. I turn people down to work on this, I even work on this when am working for other people. Now, I’m not saying this for you to feel sorry for me, because, let’s face it, I did choose this. But it needs to go to the next stage now, and I think the only way that will happen, is with a cash injection.

And that’s why I need someone supportive. Supportive people can be the difference between a project’s success and failure. No company can grow without encountering problems. Finding people who remain confident through these times can improve your chances of success. I know some people use crowd funding. But I want someone who’s face I can see, that I can ring if I need to ask a question. I think some times it’s about more than just money, it’s also about time.

 Sticking around:

One of the fundamental things I’m looking for, is an investor who doesn’t care about one-year forecasts or “track records” that go back three months. They know there will be good days and bad days. But they’ve also been through enough to understand that the good stuff is worth more than the bad. And you only get to the good stuff by sticking around. There’s so many people that want to get out of a company as soon as it looks sellable. But just think where your money could go if you stayed around?

I am emailing everyone I know in a bid to find perfect business soul mate. Someone who understands myself and Wonsuponatime completely.

I think they’re out there. It’s just finding them.

Is it you? Or do you know someone I should get in touch with?

Please let me know!

Sarah Betty xx

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