Sarah Betty wears: French Connection Black Leather Dress

I never used to be a lover of black. I was all about colour, patterns and more colour.

Now, I really appreciate a beautiful black dress, especially one I can wear to meetings and go out in the evening in. This one by French Connection hits all the nails on the head.

I love the pleats and the panelling on the chest area, which adds a flattering light to the dress. And the best thing with an item like this, is that you can really accessorise it and make your accessories stand out.

I paired it with a beautiful Sarah Brown necklace and ring, which are inspired by seaweed and everything watery. They’re so gorgeously delicate. And the cute little Greedy Jerboa ring by Violet Darkling. Both are from Wonsuponatime.

It was so cold when we took these photos. My niece Summer took the photos and she’s quite good with a camera, even at 14 years old! I really want to do more of these outfit posts, as I do enjoy doing them.

We’re getting ready for everything Christmas at Wonsuponatime at the moment, so building the festive pages, finding cool new designers and sending out orders. It’s such a busy time of year, but it really does make me excited for it all!

Are you prepared for Christmas yet?

Sarah Betty xx

What I wore:

French Connection Dress
French Connection Dress £95
Violet Darkling Greedy Jerboa ring
Wonsuponatime Flat Seaweed ring
Sarah Brown Flat Seaweed Ring