Sarah Betty loves: David Bowie singing for Louis Vuitton

David Bowie is a magical creature. At least, he is a magical creature to me. Ever since he donned that wig, and that crystal ball for Labyrinth, I have loved him with a passion. He is so otherworldly, and very much the Gaga of his time. I mean Gaga wishes she was anywhere as cool as him. So, naturally I was thrilled when he was working with Louis Vuitton and more especially, that he was singing for them! It’s all rather mystical and beautiful and quite reminiscent of that Labyrinth scene with the masquerade ball, right? I bet it is quite a nod to it, and I love at the end, it all disappears to show, just like the film, we’re not sure if it was all a dream or not. But that’s what Bowie is best for non? What do you think of this video? Do you love it as much as me? Sarah Betty xx