Life with Squidge; our new kitten

There’s nothing to tip your world upside down quite like a kitten with a big squishy face!

Originally our kitten was called Puck, but we thought Squidge was so much cuter and it really suits her. I always knew Squidge was a little feisty one, it was one of the reasons I chose her. What I did not know, was just how crazy she is.

She runs around the house like a lunatic. Pouncing on things that aren’t there, picking fights with inanimate objects, including her back foot. She hates her back foot. But oh, the amusement, there is so much laughing because of her.

And I don’t know about you, but I really think that having a pet really makes home feel like, well, home. You know what I mean? Something to look forward to seeing, who always looks forward to seeing you. It makes working from home really enjoyable too. Not that it wasn’t before.

I wake up with kitten butt in my face most days and it’s pretty awesome. She also likes to pounce on my head first thing. Not so awesome at 7.30. Still, it gets me up.

She’s an exotic shorthair, so has the cutest, most cartoon like face. Speaking of which, do you love the illustration? My friend Danielle did it, and she has always been an awesome drawer from when we were teenagers. Visit her site here. You can also join Squidge’s Facebook page here for more cute photos (yes I really am one of those owners…)

What do you think of Squidge? Do you have any kitten tips?

Sarah Betty xx

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  • Monica

    She’s so cute! I’ve loved seeing pics of her on Facebook. And I know what you mean about a pet making a house a home. My boyf and I are moving house specifically so we can get a puppy. I think if you don’t grow up with a pet you don’t ‘get it’, but then when you have one they’re the best thing in the world!

    Also loving the illustration!

  • Hazel

    There is nothing that compares to a kitten! I wish I’d been at home more when mine were little. They really so make home feel more like home.
    I wake up to cat bum too, they never stop doing that!
    Squidge is so cute – her little face!