How grown up and gorgeous does Tavi Gevinson look for this fashion campaign shoot?

Tavi was always on the cusp of people’s tongues in the fashion world. Ever since she took the industry by storm, by doing whata 13 year old does best and being herself. After flack from fashion editors for blocking their view at fashion week, and her precocious posts on fashion, Tavi really made a name for herself.

Now she is the editor of Style Rookie and still has a lot to stay, and boy do I like to listen.

I remember looking at the photos of Tavi that she used to post and always thought she had a gorgeously delicate bone structure, and those lips of hers. She was simply beautiful. Now it’s being recognised widely, which is why Cole Haan used her as one of the faces of its holiday ad campaign.

The cute blonde bob and red outfit really shows how she is evolving and if she’s already this stylish at 17, can you image what she’ll be like at 21?

What do you think of this look? Do you love it as much as me?

Sarah Betty xx