New addition to our family: Squidge the Exotic Shorthair Kitten

For a few years I have been obsessed with Exotic Shorthair cats, mainly because of Sarah from Temporary Secretary’s lovely example Oscar. He is gorgeous.

Isn’t he beaut? So, I wanted one for my very own and as I now work from home, it’s the perfect opportunity! Yesterday, I went to visit two gorgeous little kittens and it was a really hard decision picking which I wanted. I went for the Red one (technically ginger, but the breeder tells me you don’t call them that).

He has such a cute ‘lil face, and he’s entirely naughty. Two things I adore in a kitten:

And look at this video of them playing!

I will name him Squidge and he’s mine in three weeks after his injections. I cannot wait to take him home and especially have him there for Christmas! He has especially good taste in bags too.

What do you think of him? Do you love him as much as I do?

Sarah Betty xx

  • Hazel

    Oh he is adorable! What a shame you couldn’t take them both and have two naughty little kittens to brighten your Christmas!

    • SarahBetty

      Awww I know. Very upset I couldn’t :( x