Glitz and glam: Rita Ora for DKNY

Hello New York, and hello Rita for DKNY….Rita-Ora-DKNY-2 Rita-Ora-DKNY-3 Rita-Ora-DKNY-5 Rita-Ora-DKNY-7 Rita-Ora-DKNY-8 Rita-Ora-DKNY-9

I don’t often post about this sort of thing, but the images of Rita Ora sparkling away in DKNY against a yellow NYC cab were too hard not to love! Also I adore Rita as she wore some of Wonsuponatime’s jewellery.

It might have something to do with her being Cara Delvigne’s best friend that Rita got this gig, but whatever the reason, she looks amazing. My fave picture is her smiling, while sitting on the taxi roof. She’s such a natural and has a presence that some models take years to attain, and some that never do.

Particularly loving that glittery skirt, I might have to get a copycat version, as I am not sure I can afford that!

What do you think of this shoot?

Sarah Betty xx