Back to (business) school!

Every time September comes around, I am always dying to go back to school. I think it comes from 20 years of education, and knowing that just around the corner, there is a new pencil case, bag and shoes to be bought. Of course there was a style-related note to this!

Ever since I started Wonsuponatime, I have wanted to learn more about the art of running a business.I have a background in retail, e-commerce and digital, but I want to know more on a 360 scale. Ideally, the dream would be to do an MBA at Oxford, but that is 36,000 and unlikely to happen at this point.

So I’m looking at alternatives – night classes, part time etc and there’s some really interesting options! I really don’t see why I should pay nearly 40k to learn something I could learn on the job, and also with part time help.

One of the better business schools in London is Cass Business School, but their MBA costs £42k, so you can imagine I am not heading down that path any time soon. But there are also lots of short courses are on offer.

I have also looked at the Westminster part time courses, and I have a little bias towards this university.

In particular, I am looking forward to being really geeky and buying a new pencil case and note pad. That’s the thing I used to look forward to every September!

Are you going back to school this September?

Sarah Betty xx

  • LilliesandLove

    Courses are so expensive, aren’t they?! I looked in to studying Criminology either by evening class or Open University, but it was going to cost me THOUSANDS so I had to give up on that idea. Instead I’ll just have to make do with watching Crimewatch. xx