Away with the birds: my first tattoo

Last year, I talked about having my first tattoo, and never got around to it. Purely because I needed to know if I even really wanted it. Reasons such as :

  1. I will be consulting full time in an office soon, which may not approve of tattoos
  2. It will be something people will ask about constantly
  3. I might regret it in years to come
  4. The whole thing might go horribly wrong!

Four years later and the same bird tattoo still sticks in my head. To me it meant freedom in its purest sense. From being told what to do, from working for other people and to trust my own judgement. Freedom through and through. I think you need that if you’re ever going to be successful in business. Of course there is an element of being told what to do, with investors, customers etc. But to have the freedom of navigating your own business, who you work with and more, that’s a real sense of happiness to me. I wanted to get it on my hand, so it would remind me. I would always be reminded not to be distracted from being free. It’s healing at the moment, scabbing over delightfully: Bird tattoo healing   Have you ever thought about having a tattoo? What do you think of mine? Let me know your thoughts!

Sarah Betty xx

  • Sarah

    I LOVE IT!