Stylust: Mulberry mint bag

When ice cream and luxury bags collide…

Mulberry mint bag Mulberry mint bag 2

Mulberry mint bag 3

Now it’s no secret that I love me a Mulberry, and I especially love my Mulberrys in pastel shades. I went crazy over the pink Lily bag last year that I missed out on.

It all started with the Alexa though. I loved Alexa for about four years, but alas Alexa was never to be mine. Then I grew bored with that idea and my eyes started roaming to Mulberrys anew.

I felt bad, like I had cheated. I wanted to say to Alexa, ‘it’s not you, it’s Lily…’ but I never even had the chance.

But now this blue beauty comes out, all scalloped edges and beautiful floral opening catch. Just taunting me with its soft leather and perfectly petite size.

This will be mine by Christmas…

You can buy this Mint bag by Mulberry by clicking on the link

What do you think? Do you love it as much as me?