Sarah Betty loves: T Rex t shirts

Get your T Rex on with these awesome t shirts…Sarah Betty loves t rex tshirts

1) I Love T Rexs £13 Zazzle | 2) T Rex shilouette (really a PJ top) £22 Topshop | 3) Taking my T Rex on a walk/a> £16 Zazzle | 4) Ask me about my T Rex shirt with hood £7.99 eBay | 5) Sad T Rex can’t clap shirt £20 eBay | 6)Sad T Rex can’t clap shirt £20 eBay

I love dinosaurs, but mainly I like T Rexs. They were such powerful creatures, like NO ONE is going to mess with a T Rex. But then there are those arms, you know? Like really T Rex, whatcha going to do with those arms? Certainly not eat sushi, that is for sure.

This selection of t shirts are some of the best I have seen out there. And yes some of from PJ sets, but don’t judge me okay? People have been going out to the shops in their PJs for years and none judged them (hello Walmart?).

My favourite might have to be the I <3 T Rex one, as it’s super cute and would go with a lot of things. But to be honest, I might end up buying most of them. You really should check out Zazzle, they have lots of T Rex shirts,  you could lose a whole day looking for them!

Do you have a penchant for dinosaurs too? Which shirt do you like best?

Sarah Betty xx