Design your life: why vision boards are important

Mood boards are not just for fashion you know…

In the fashion world, design houses and magazines use mood boards to inspire and predict their next collections, or issues. You can use your own version of a mood board to bring everything you want in life to you!

 Vision board

It’s so easy in this world to be negative and really let things get to you. It’s actually much easier to be negative than positive, which something I have found over the years.

I always thought of myself as quite a positive person, but sometimes things can really get to me. I am a sensitive type and so things really can have a bit of a crushing effect on me. Being sensitive, I am also a dreamer and boy do I have big dreams.

Vision board 2

Some of which are: to go into space (Virgin Galactic anyone?), being wealthy enough to not rely on anyone for anything, have a best selling novel and a multi million pound business.

These are all huge dreams, many who would say are not obtainable. But I don’t want to listen to the many. The biggest step for me to achieve all this was to become self employed, and thanks for my vision board – I finally did!

I do think however that day to day living can become distracting from your dreams, so it is good to have a focus. That’s where the vision board comes in. Like a mood board, you compile a list of inspiring images and words, which point to each of your goals.

Where to start?

where to start with vision board

Well you need to know what you want from life first. And that can be the hardest bit. Have a talk with yourself and start writing down things you want from life. Once you start, it really does keep flowing.

I have four corners to mine: life, business, relationships and travel. But of course you could have whatever you wanted.

Like me, you’ll start to see things appearing in your life constantly, that are taking you towards your goals. Little signs you might not have seen otherwise.

By having a vision board it will help reprogram you to focus on your goals consciously and subconsciously. In other words, it will help keep you on track and help keep you focused on the end result.

Have you ever used a vision board? Are you thinking of using one?

Sarah Betty xx