Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2013: what does it mean for Manchester?

Vogues Fashion Night Out Manchester 2013

Having  just found out that Vogue’s Fashion Night Out is being held in Manchester, I am incredibly excited. I mean, that is such a good thing to happen for the north. It will take place on Thursday October 10, bringing together the finest of the city’s shops, restaurants, galleries and museums.

Coming not far from Manchester myself, I really can appreciate how much retailers and the city need this. It’s not just because it will be an incredible money making event, but also, this is an esteem issue.

In the spotlight

London gets all the attention, it is after all, the capital city. But this means that all of the wealth distribution also gathers here and I think especially in terms of fashion, Manchester needs a little love. And FNO is a whole lotta love to receive.

“Once at the heart of a vibrant textiles industry, Manchester’s importance to fashion is unquestionable. Bringing Fashion’s Night Out to its streets is the next logical step in the evolution of Fashion’s Night Out in the UK. London has witnessed tens of thousands of shoppers joining the fun and we’re looking forward to sharing this experience with a new audience.”

On the fashion map

Apparently, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols have both confirmed that they will be joining in the fun, but this will also be great for smaller, independent retailers. Imagine the fun they’re going to have with all of the press, celebrities and customers coming in to their shops. There is so much scope here and it is going to put many small independents on the fashion map.

Wonsuponatime is already looking to having a pop up shop there around this time, which is very exciting for our range of talented designers we will be showcasing when we relaunch.

What do you think? Will you be travelling to Manchester for Fashion’s Night out?

Sarah Betty xx