Sarah Betty loves: Karl Lagerfeld and Melissa ice cream shoes

If shoes doth make the woman, then these shoes doth make a woman delicious…



Quirky Brazilian shoe brand Melissa is teaming up with the amazing Karl Lagerfeld to create a range of beautiful shoes. I loved what the brand did with Vivienne Westwood, so was very excited about this collaboration.

However, I have to say on a whole, I was quite disappointed and the only ones I LOVE, are the above. Ice creams on my shoes? Uhm hell yes I will take that. I will wear these everywhere when I can eventually get my hands on them.

This is a sample of the the less interesting shoes:

Melissa Karl Lagerfeld shoes 2

I think they are just rather pointy, flat and boring. What do you think? Which do you prefer?

Sarah Betty xx

  • Faye Walker

    These shoes are amazing – I want three pairs! x