Learning the art of balancing

BalancingIn a plan to do everything, is it possible to do anything?

I don’t know about you, but in my dream for being self employed, it also meant that I also wanted to retain a certain element of freedom. And I mean freedom in the sense of being able to do what I want, when I want around my work. I need the freedom to be able to work at any hour of the day, so it’s learning to choose the right things that allow you to do that.

Then of course, in my quest to do this, I ended up taking on way too much – again. It seems to be something I do quite a lot, but at the same time, I also need to prevent myself from getting bored – which I do a lot.

I am not someone that can sit around watching TV, or doing  just one thing at a time. I always need to be doing several things at any one time.

From full time to freedom

Since quitting working full time, I can say I am a lot happier. I feel more like myself you know?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know at one point or another, someone has to be in charge – whether it is the client, the customer etc, but what am talking about is being managed. And you know what? There are so few people that actually are good managers in this world. It is a great skill to be a good manager.

So, when I started my freelance life, which all in all was to make sure that my jewellery boutique Wonsuponatime survives, I had no idea what was coming.

I knew it would be up and down, that it would be stressful and that you would never know where you would be in a month’s time, but what I did not know, was how much I would love that.

Balancing it all

So now that I am freelance, as well as doing that work, I have the jewellery shop, this blog, and my new stylish travel online magazine A Fashionable Guide To. It seems a lot to do, but I think with the right amount of balance, it’s actually not too bad. But then it seems that I for AFGT I will get to travel a lot, which is brilliant – but how the heck do I send my jewellery when I am travelling? All of these cross overs need meticulous planning.

But it is trying to do all of these, and see friends, and give my boyfriend the attention he deserves – that is where it starts getting tricky. Honestly, I think if I was left to myself the whole time, I would just work 24/7 and not even notice, because it does not seem like work, you know?

I think it depends what your priorities are. I don’t watch a lot of television and this seems to account for a lot of work being done. But I know if am seeing friends that night, I HAVE to get that work done. Setting mini goals and deadlines definitely seems to work.

How do you balance doing what you love with actual life? Any tips for me?

Sarah Betty xx



  • LilliesandLove xx

    I know exactly what you mean here. I have so many plans in my head and such a long ‘To Do’ list, it feels like I’m spinning lots of plates at the same time. I do wonder sometimes why I feel the need to take so much on, but I guess it’s just because I want to challenge myself and push myself all the time, plus I don’t see why I can’t do everything I want to do – if I put in the effort, then I should be able to, surely? Who knows, I guess time will tell, but at the moment my plate spinning is going ok… I just have to make sure I dedicate equal time to everything so none of them fall xx