Outfit post: meetings with business mentors and TV producers

I am not sure when you’re a small business owner if people expect you to dress very smart, or very creative. I myself have always been a mix of both, so for today I wore smart clothes with a glittery twist (ala shoes).

I do think it is important to dress true to you though – it’s a little less serious than an interview, but you want to remain credible all the same.

Business meeting outfit

Meeting Chris, a producer who will be creating an online series about entrepreneurs  I ran along to Kings Cross today. Of course the bad wind meant my hair was everywhere, and my makeup ran – but the main thing was that I had all my jewellery and a smile on! But the meeting seemed to go well, and if they choose me, I will be talking about Wonsuponatime and giving other businesses social media advice!

Then it was over to Shoreditch for a meeting with my business mentor, who went over my business plan I have been working hard on. Thanks to David Cam extending the startup loan to people under 30, and not just under 24, I can get a great loan to start design my own range of luxury jewellery for the shop, so watch this space.

Oh and in other news, I am looking at getting a little French Bulldog, now I work part time at home. I want to call him Camembert… How cute would he be? Any advice?

Do you have any go-to outfits for business meetings that still have a fun twist?

Sarah Betty xx