What happens when your dream arrives?

All of my life, I always dreamt of being free, of indepdendence and actually making money by my own talent, without working within a big organisation.

The timing was never right, or the idea was never right, until just recently, when I decided I just had to take the leap.

Handing my notice was quite terrifying. Handing my notice in without having a second job to go to – that thing everyone always tells you NOT to do. But that was what I had to do. I thought that my boyfriend wouldn’t want to speak to me, because I was being irresponsible, that my parents and relatives would laugh, because it was just another ‘off the cuff’ thing I was doing. But honestly, they were all so supportive.

So when I handed it in, well that was that. It was done. And so was a normal life.

No more 9 – 5, hello 7  – 9.

So what am I going to do?

1) Consultancy:  I am going to be working with several brands in fashion and beauty on their social media. From holding social media workshops, to one-on-one consultancy and more. Pssst...interested? Drop me an email at sarah@sarahbetty.co.uk.

2) I also started the jewellery boutique Wonsuponatime, which was always a dream of mine. I source and make whimsical jewellery, which I write fairytales for.

3) My blog. I can finally attend all the press days and events I ever wanted to, and as my background is in journalism, hopefully my writing will go beyond this blog too!

So I am a mix of terrified, and amazed I actually did it. I listened to that little girl inside me who always said I should do it my way.

So here’s to your dreams. May they scare you and excite you just as mine have done.

Sarah Betty xx


  • Maitha

    Woohoo!! Well done for being brave enough to do something so many people want to but never do..and always regret not giving it a go. Better to go for it rather than always wonder what it would have been like xx

    • http://sarahbetty.co.uk SarahBetty

      I completely agree – life is too short to live with regrets. Thanks for your support xx

  • Nicole

    Congratulations, gorgeous!

    First step is the hardest, but if you want it you’ll make it and it sure sounds like you do. :)

    • http://sarahbetty.co.uk SarahBetty

      Aww thanks Nicole. I am desp for it xx

  • Hazel

    Good for you, good for you, good for you! Sounds wonderful (and scary).

    • http://sarahbetty.co.uk SarahBetty

      Thanks so much lovely xx

  • Hope

    I think you’re going to be amazing! Well done! So proud xxx

    • http://sarahbetty.co.uk SarahBetty

      Thanks so much Hope – you were there when it was just a twinkle in my eye 😉 xx

  • Abi

    Congratulations and good luck!