Stylust: Grafea Pink Leather Camera Bag

A candy coloured bag to carry my camera everywhere…

My camera lens has been causing me concern for sometime now, it just doesn’t seem to want to focus. I think it’s because my tripod collapsed, sending my Canon 550d to the concrete. But when I finally get a new lens, the next thing I will reach for is this gorgeous Grafea pink leather camera bag.

I think it’s such a sweet colour (and if you can’t tell from my blog, I love pink!), and works well for any season… It also has a real vintage feel to it, which I adore and of course the removable padded inserts and two dividers make it practical too.

It’s not cheap, at £160.00, but I really do think it is an investment. Buy it here.

  • Miret

    Love this bag! The color is sooo sweet!! :-)