Malice in Wonderland

The clocks stopped ticking, the rabbit stopped running and Alice was never the same anymore…


All Hallow’s Eve came and went last week, and I went to a strange party that was akin to Wonderland, with people dressed as cows, lions and zombie cheerleaders. I decided to go as Malice in Wonderland, which turned out to be a lot cheaper than I thought.

I bought a nurse’s outfit, which was very similar to the Malice in Wonderland costume I did want to buy, but £10 cheaper. Then the white tights were already mine (sufficiently ruined with fake blood), and the wig was also a bargain. I do love Halloween and always take my costumes quite seriously.

I decided to put fake blood down my face, like I was crying blood tears. Beautiful I know.

The whole outfit was inspired by a dark game called Alice, which I played years ago. It was a terrifying twist on the whole story and how horrific is the Cheshire Cat?

What do you think of the costume? Did you dress up?

Sarah Betty xx

  • Becky |

    You look AMAZING!

    • SarahBetty

      Thanks love – it took a while to get it all off :)