Imagine Fashion: the website that allows you to virtually ‘shop’ items from global window displays

Imagine being able to ‘click’ on the things from the beautiful window shop displays across the world?

With the genius of the website that is Imagine Fashion – you can now shop the most gorgeous windows from the likes of Barneys New York, Selfridges & Co and brands such as Stella McCartney and Burberry, as well as unique boutiques such as 10 Corse Como, Milan and Collette, Paris.

There are also interviews and conversations with some fashion luminaries, including Karl Lagerfeld, to Chloe Sevigny and more!

This is such a simple idea, and simple ideas are often the most genius. I adore that you can look at the very thing everyone raves about – beautiful shop displays and actually shop on them. It’s a great example of the world becoming smaller by the sheer force of digital.

The site will grow week by week, as more and more retailers become involved. It will be great and powerful tool, for some of the smaller boutiques to become involved too, instead of the just the big giants. Founded by Founder Amber Gordon, a former fashion editor and stylist, Imagine Fashion has an international team who constantly scour the globe, looking for beautiful windows and items for you to shop!

Visit the website here, to see more for yourself!

What do you think of this concept? Do you like it, or do you think it takes the pleasure out of seeing the window displays themselves?

Sarah Betty xx

  • Amy

    I do like this idea but I can’t see myself ever doing it that way. Having said that, I do love to window shop so I should probably give it a go :)

    • SarahBetty

      I do think there’s something quite magical about seeing the windows where possible. I guess if you’re not a global traveller, it’s a good way to see them? xx