Foxes, foxes everywhere!

Cute little foxes are popping up here, there and everywhere…..

I don’t know about you, but I have such a fox fetish. It’s their cute little face emblazoned onto clothes, jewellery and accessories and it’s so sweet. The trick though is to make one fox-focused item your centre piece and work around it, so you don’t have over kill Above are a few of my favourite finds.

1) Dorothy Perkins Oatmeal fox jumper £28.00

2) Small clip in red fox ears £8.32

3) River Island Chelsea Girl Fox Tabbard Dress £15

4) Wonsuponatime ‘The Wildlings’ Fox ring £5

5) Hand Knit Fox Scarf in Red Orange £17.94

So that’s my foxy round up – what do you think, would you wear any of these?

Sarah Betty xx