Stylish travel: Glamping

Starry skies, beautiful interiors and a touch of the luxury – Glamping really is the way forward…

Set in a gorgeous estate, with rolling hills, bright green grass and the sort of forever skies you only dream of, this Glamping site was amazing. From the comfortable air beds, with thick duvets and blankets, to the hand delivered daily papers – there really was everything you needed.

We spent nights laughing around the fire under a canopy of stars, days walking through the gorgeous fields and all of it was just so relaxing. Being out of the city and smelling the cut grass and being out under the bright sun was just beautiful. I came back so relaxed and believe me, I am not normally one for camping.

Stylish tents

These glamorous bell tents hold up to four people, and boast a shabby chic interior, with vintage and antique furniture. Everything is locally sourced – adding a little touch of magic to your stay. Each tent also features gorgeous bunting and fairy lights on the outside, giving it a very cute look and also easy to find at night time!

With your tent you will have everything you should need to complete your glamping experience, including air beds, bedding, towels and equipment for cooking and eating.


Before we arrived, we made sure that we ordered a lot of food and drink, which was all there, ready for us to unpack. It was a Sainsbury’s and really just made it easier for us – especially with 16 girls! Alternatively, you can book some dishes from the Glamping business’ menu, which start from £7.00 per person.

We did all of our cooking with dutch ovens and tri pods for the fire, but there is a little kitchen, with cupboards full of pans, pots, plates and even wine glasses! And if you’re washing up in the dark, there’s even a light for night time, and of course hot water.

Showers and toilets

Obviously the one thing we worried about being girls and all, was where we would shower etc. Well we needn’t of worried as there was a shower and toilet block near by, no composting toilet, and hot water! We had to use tokens for the shower, which were provided and the shower lasted about seven minutes (long enough non?)

You may well be sharing these facilities with other campers on a small nearby site.

What you’ll need to bring along
  • Food and drink but remember we can order you some meals or get you an arrival pack
  • Toiletries
  • A torch
  • A good book
  • Warm clothes, lots of layers for night time will keep you warm. Wet weather gear can also be helpful!
  • Hot water bottles
  • You may also need insect repellent
  • Solar powered mobile phone charger
  • Camera for the beautiful scenery
  • Games to play around the fire
Prices and Availability
  • 2 bed tent £120 per night
  • 3 bed tent £130 per night
  • 4 bed tent £140 per night
  • 5 bed tent £150 per night


Over all the experience was really enjoyable and absolutely more so because the radiant sunshine. One of the downsides, as with all camping is that there is no electricity, so bring a phone charger which is solar powered.

Have a look on the website and discover for yourself. Would you ever go glamping, or have you already? All feedback welcome!

Sarah Betty xx

  • Maitha Ahmed

    These look gorgeous – who did you book through?x

    • SarahBetty

      Hey love – if you click on the link at the bottom, it takes you to the website xx

  • Monica

    Looks gorgeous! I’m a big fan of glamping. When the sun is shining, I’d take glamping over a hotel room any day!