How to: make a sparkly camera strap

 Add a glittery touch of magic with a sparkly camera strap….

I am a magpie for glitter, and instantly fell in love with this camera strap. It’s such a small thing, but makes a really pretty difference to an important blogger accessory. If you’re like me and drawn to anything sparkly, then you’ll be even happier to know you can make it yourself!

You will need:
Course glitter // mod podge // fabric glue // rhinestones

S T E P  O N E
mix mod podge & glitter, adding one part course glitter to two parts mod podge in a small bowl

S T E P  T W O
brush on to strap and let dry

S T E P  T H R E E
apply a second layer and let dry

S T E P  F O U R
you may wish to apply a third layer [optional]

S T E P  F I V E
apply rhinestones to the ends of the strap, with fabric or crazy glue

S T E P  S I X
and that’s it! easy, easy [a glimpse of the finished project here]

{all images, photography & layout by funkytime, as well as how-to instructions [with edits]}

What do you think? Would you make this? I’m going to make one tomorrow!

Sarah Betty xx

  • Samantha Hadadi

    What a fab, fab idea! My camera strap couldn’t look any duller if I tried. I’m definitely going to be doing this!

    Sam x

  • Amelia

    You’re a genius. I may make this a project for LFW this year! Also, where do you get your Mod Podge from? Think it’s finally time for me to invest in some….xx

  • Fashion Loving

    I would totally make one of these, it looks so cool!