The world’s first Hello Kitty beauty spa opens in Dubai

Ever wanted to know Hello Kitty’s beauty regime? Well now you can with this girly pink spa in Dubai….

How gorgeous is the interior? It’s like an old world Parisian salon, with beautiful trimmings. You wouldn’t even know it was Hello Kitty, if her face wasn’t popping up on chairs and the like.

I have to admit, I particularly love all of the pinky girliness of it! There’s packages for girls and women alike, so perfect for taking little ones out for the day.

Treatments include:


Let your little paws gain the upper hand with some luxe lovin’! Indulge in our Kitty-cure where your hands are sweetly scrubbed and massaged with your nails filed and delightfully painted leaving them looking oh-so-cute.

Toe-Tally Perfect

Step out in style with our ultimate treatment for your tootsies! Lean back as your feet get scrubbed and kneaded, revealing unbelievable softness and then your dainty toes are polished to gleaming perfection.

Hand Massage

Pretty hands deserve some gentle massaging so they stay soft and supple – do your tiny hands a favour with this lovely massage that’s sheer bliss.

Foot Massage

Your fancy princess footwork certainly requires an indulgent treat and our foot massage is just the ticket to soon have you twirling and walking on air!

You can find out more information here. It’s a shame there’s not one in London, but I am sure there will be one day!

What do you think of the spa? Would you visit?

  • LV

    I love this post! i want to go! never seen your blog before – i love it x found it via Judy Jay :) x @lisaven

    • SarahBetty

      Aww thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Very glad to hear you love it :) xx

  • Rachel

    OMG! This is amazing!! x

    • SarahBetty

      I know, I so want to go! xx

  • lisa

    omg Hello Kitty!!! I’d love to visit that one day :)

    • SarahBetty

      I will go with you. Imagine! xx