Outfit post: Jubilee monochromatic Union Jack dress

Because a black and white Union Jack dress says it all.

Dress: Asda £18

Keys pendant: Wonsuponatime £11

Outfit: A black and white Union Jack dress from Asda, which you may remember me blogging about here. I wanted to be really dressed for the occassion, but not go over the top – you know what I mean. I even attempted a little nail art. Excuse my silly faces and rubbish nails. I am calling this a Grunge Betty look, because I don’t put very well together.

Occasion: We, like most of UK were out celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee and I wore this to the river pageant on the Sunday. It took 90 minutes for us to find a place to see the boats, but when we did – what a view!

What do you think of the dress? Did you go to any parties for the Jubilee? Would love to hear from you.

Sarah Betty xx