Dress like a Queen: Diamond Jubilee Fashion

Bring in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in style…

Soldier shorts £22.50

An innovative way of sporting the Jubilee trend – these shorts are a great way to show off your loyalty to all things Royal. How cute are those lil’ soldiers?

Hand stitched crown ring £18

I love this ring, because you can tell that a lot of work went into something so small

Tatty Devine tiara £66

Be a Queen for the day yourself, with this ever-so-sparkly Tatty Devine crown. I adore the colour of the stars, and think it’s almost Statue of Liberty like non?

Corgi brooches £15

Werf werf. That is the sound a royal Corgi makes. Celebrate the Jubilee with these cute lil’ dogs, and at £15, they’re a real steal.

Mulberry Jubilee bags

How darling! Mulberry have re-released three of their most classic bag styles, the Bayswater, Pouch and Lily, with a unique twist. Each bag featuring a ‘Mulberry Loves British Icons’ lining with the classic tree motif, heart, union jack stamp and a union jack metal plaque.

George Union Jack monochrome printed maxi dress £18

A very cool way to dress for the Jubilee, I have just ordered this and think it will be a less obvious way of dressing for the occassion. I love that it’s a monochromatic print, as it’s way more subtle.

7 Dior Jubilee manicure 

You can get this lovely little manicure from May 24th to May 30th at Selfridges at the Dior counter. The clever people at Dior have created this design using a nail machine, and you can even have a photograph taken in a Dior taxi!Go after 4pm and you’ll receive a Pimms cocktail.

To book call the Dior counter at Selfridges on 0207 3183 696. A £20 booking fee applies.

Faye Ballerinas, £189, by Pretty Ballerinas

I’ve been lusting after these for a while, but these little pumps are so adorable – especially with the studded crowns!


What are you doing for the Jubilee? What do you think of these picks? Do let me know!

  • taffetaramblings

    Can’t go wrong with Mulberry & Tatty Devine – not sure what I am up to yet, I would love to have a tea party with vintage china, cucumber sandwiches, fairy cakes & lots of gin. Though I do love the idea of a Dior manicure with a Pimms in hand! xxx