Trendabl: your new social media fashion addiction?

We all love a good fashion social media addiction right? Well meet your newest one – Trendabl. Celebs such as Mary Kate and Ashley, Whitney Port, Diane Von Furstenburg and more are on it too. What is it you ask? Well sit back, as I explain just how this little app will make fashion even more fun!

What is it…?

Trendabl is a free iPhone app only creation which allows you to share your clothes, accessories and more through this network, by snapping a photo of it, uploading it and then sharing it. It’s like Instagram in that it’s very photo heavy and with lots of different categories – and you can find inspiration from other people.

You can follow friends and celebs on there, and you’ll see lists from your friends, and also popular posts (just like Instagram).


You can then sync this with Facebook and Twitter, to create more contacts and grow your network!

I had just downloaded it and then lost my iPhone, so will be straight back on it when I get my replacement!

What are your thoughts? Will you be joining Trendabl, or is just another network?

  • KateLW

    This is wicked!! Almost like Pinterest for fashionnnnn! Cant wait to download x

  • KatePinkSmith

    Ooo sounds exciting! Will get on it x to try at least

    • SarahBetty

      I know – for the brief few mins I had it, I was very excited! Thanks for the comment x