Stylust: Lulu Guinness Birdcage Umbrella

It’s raining, it’s pouring, my umbrella is so boring. But when I saw this little beauty, I knew the time had come to grab my wellies and go jumpin’ in some puddles.


It’s so cute isn’t it? I first saw it on one of my favourite blogs, A Girl, A Style. As my logo is a bird, you can probably tell am obsessed with them. I love the birdcage detail of it too. The best thing? It’s just £32 from Lulu Guinness.

What do you think of this brolly? Would you pay the money for it?

  • LilliesandLove

    Love it! It’s so unique and eye-catching! xx

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  • Hazel

    This is so cute! I have a plain one. and I now have brolly envy.