Sarah Betty Loves: Mulberry’s Pool Party at Coachella

Sometimes there are those parties that you wish you could go to, in the summer sunshine, fabulous guests and undeniable magnetism. Mulberry’s Coachella party was one of those for me.

Emma Watson and Emma Hill (Mulberry's Creative Director)

I'm so in love with Emma Watson's outfit here

Dree Hemingway rocking D&G

Obviously in California, you have sun a lot of the time, but this really screams summer to me. How nice it must be to get your hippy on and go feather fabulous at Coachella? I am also adoring the monster pillows and lilos that tie back to Mulberry’s autumn/winter campaign, inspired by the children’s book (and fab film) Where the Wild Things Are.

I obviously also want to be at any party Mulberry throw and which Emma Watson attends. I seriously adore her floppy hat and printed jumpsuit. Purrrfect.

What do you think of the party? Would you want to go? What would you wear?