Outfit post: Of Unicorns and Leather SkirtsOutfit post: Of Unicorns and Leather SkirtsOutfit post: Of Unicorns and Leather Skirts

A unicorn scarf adds a little magic to even the greyest of days….

Unicorn scarf £60 Tabitha

Leather Skirt £3 – thrifted

Red top – my mum’s

Shoes £25 Topshop

…well a unicorn scarf and a very handsome Harry dog. I tried to make him wear the scarf, but I think he thinks he’s beautiful enough? Do you agree?

These pictures were taken at my parent’s house which is sadly going up for sale soon, where I did most of my growing up. I suppose it’s time for some new children to make some more memories in them.

Have you bought into the animal print trend? How will you wear the scarf as the months warm up?

  • Dexterous Diva

    I luuurve the unicorn scarf!Gorgeous post, gorgeous girl And I hope the new owners of your family house are happy and your rents have a lovely new pad ;)xxx

    • http://sarahbetty.co.uk SarahBetty

      Aww thanks so much love :) I hope they do too. This house was a bit of a dream, so will be very sad after 18 years to see it go xx

  • Sarah

    Can I have your doggy and your skirt please! I think I’ve told you this before, but I grem up with two weimerarners and I love them sooo much! They are such a beautiful breed!
    Sarah xx

    • http://sarahbetty.co.uk SarahBetty

      Aww thanks for your comment. I love them too, never had one before this. The skirt was from a second hand shop – so worth keeping your eyes peeled xx

  • sarah

    Love your blog and style. So sad your house is going up for sale. So many memories after so many years. My mum keeps saying she’s selling ours :(

  • Sarah

    Love this outfit :)

  • http://pro-directselect.webnode.fr/ Puma vetements

    Hey dude. what kind of wordpress theme are you using? i want it to use on my blog too .