Fashion’s favourite hairstyle?

Everyone has been obsessing over plaits in fashion for as long as we can remember, but what’s so special about Valentino’s?

Plaits as seen on Valentino

There is much difference really. except the back of the plait is conjoined to the halo, which creates a beautiful shape at the back. It was recently brought back into the lime light by Scarlett’s Johansson’s version of it at a recent premiere:

 To achieve this look yourself:

Part hair in the centre and braid each side. Pull each plait over your head and secure with bobby pins. Pull strands of hair out around your face to create a looser style.

What do you think of this look? Have you ever done it? My hair is a bit short, but perhaps with extensions I could?


  • Hair Experts

    Braids, plaits and hair extensions are so beautiful-its just the removal part that can be so ugly sometimes. If the hair gets tangled when taking out plaits or extensions its terrifying. Just a quick fyi….use the Take Down Remover to detangle and remove hair extensions safely.

  • gaba

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