A very special day: my first ever Mulberry purchase

I had a magic Mulberry moment last week, as I opened the beautiful packaging to unveil my gorgeous new purchase…


It’s such a beautiful little purse and had two sections to it. The leather is beautiful and inside is padded gorgeously. I adore the detailing on this little heart-shaped coin purse, so much so that I’m going to carry it everywhere. There’s a beautiful pink version too. It’s going to go perfectly in my new Mulberry bag I’m buying soon!

Do you remember your first Mulberry moment?

  • taffetaramblings

    Great purchase. I do love Mulberry in a big way. I normally save for a bag a year, my Bayswater was my first purchase & at 7 years old she has seen a lot but actually looks better with age. Enjoy & hope it makes you smile every time you use her. xxx

    • http://sarahbetty.co.uk SarahBetty

      I LOVE that you call it a her, and it is. It makes it so much more personal. Thanks for the comment xx

  • Jo

    Wow Sarah! Its lovely! I have yet to have a Mulberry moment, but i remember my very first ever beautiful grown up handbag, my Orla – I felt SO ladylike! xx

  • Hazel

    I’m yet to have a Mulberry moment…
    I loved the tension in the series of pictures, I felt like I was opening it!