My favourite blog posts from the last week:

I read so many blogs every week, so I thought it would interesting to share them with you too, so you can also read them. There are some really talented people out there (much more talented than me), so here are my favourite five from the last week:

The Biscuiteers: A Girl, A Style

 A gorgeous post on how Briony Whitehouse received a lovely little package from The Biscuiteers. As you can see, the packaging is beautiful and such a nice little touch from a brand. They definitely know what they’re doing. (photos taken from A Girl, A Style blog)

It’s Virgo’s Touch: Media Marmalade

I have to say, this is fast becoming one of my favourite blogs, because I love the way that Melissa styles her clothes and the friendly way she writes her blog. It really makes you feel included. This post especially stood out for me, because I simply adore the way she styled this outfit and paired it with those jeans.  (photos taken from Media Marmalade)

The Company Style Blogger Awards: Gem Fatale

It’s always nice to see blogger talent being rewarded and here I love Gem’s quirky take on the event (complete with Gem showing us how she’d look on the front of Company – love). I think you should have a read, because everyone seems to have an opinion on magazine blogger awards, but I think these were done quite nicely. (photos taken from Gem Fatale)

Are You Bored of Talking About Blogging?: Jen Little Bird

This was a great post – it talks about talking about blogging. Let’s face it, it’s overdone. Everyone seems to dissect the same subjects, and comes up with the same answers. I think things like IFB are great with their conferences, but a lot of people ask questions, without bothering to see if it’s been talked about before. Jen sums it up quite nicely: “But after all is said and done, the most important part of blogging is actually doing it. Because if we didn’t, what on earth would we talk about?”. (photo taken from Little Bird Fashion)

 Topshop Nail Tattoos: Etcllymyrs 

I like this post because gives you an honest opinion something that a lot of people have been mentioning. It can be very easy to buy into a fad, but here Lily talks us through exactly how to apply the nail tattoos, what she thinks of them and rounds it up quite nicely. (photo taken from Etcllymyrs)

So there you go – my first in the series. What do you think of these blog posts? Which is your favourite?

  • taffetaramblings

    great post, i love getting some new blogs to look at & i will be checking these out. x

    • SarahBetty

      Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for commenting xx

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