Favourite blog posts of the week: Tavi, PR fails and fashion wishlists

In the second installment of my Favourite Blog Posts of the Week, there’s a little bit of everything here. I hope it makes for some nice weekend reading for you:

It is Spring: Tavi

One of my favourite blogs was always Tavi – I loved her before she became big. BECAUSE I AM SO COOL LIKE THAT. But seriously, her mood boards, photos and funny take on fashion was exactly what I was about. This post caught my eye, as she’s not blogged much recently – what with being a magazine editor and all. Mainly, I loved her hair.

How to wear a BOLD lipstick, even if you’re not a lipstick person: Real Girl Glam

Lipstick can really brighten a look, bring out your features and is an easily glam way to make yourself feel good! See other people wearing lipstick and wish you could too? This great kind gives alternatives for you to have a look at and try for yourself.

The Danger of Thinspiration: Lillies and Love

I don’t know about you, but I have always had a problem thinking I am much bigger than I am. I try to ignore it, but sometimes it can get the better of me. Here Lillie explains how she (even at a very small size) also has this issue and upon searching for the word ‘thinspiration’ (a word commonly now used in fashion magazines), the dangers of looking at the images thrown up. Sounds obvious right? Well not if you’re not used to looking. Have a read of her touching blog post.


PR Fail: A Million Dresses

There are many professional and unprofessional people in every industry. The key people the word people and mercurial we are as a species, you have the good and the bad, and the plain ugly. Here is an example where one PR person acted very ugly indeed and took all their insecurities, badness and unprofessionalism and projected that onto somebody else. This happens every day – not just in PR, but also in any job. The problem here is doing it with a blogger, who has a very public voice is not a smart move. A social media/communications strategy is clearly needed for that company. Read the full post here.

Birthday Wishlist: Emma Was Here

I love a good wishlist, especially when it introduces me to something I might not know about otherwise. You know what caught my eye here? The little mint green camera – it is SOOO cute. It’s the Diana Lomo camera. Click here to see where the rest of them are from.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog posts. All of the pictures came from each blog (I have to say that – I am not nearly talented enough to create them!)

Which one was your favourite?