The Girl with the Pink Umbrella

There once was a girl with a pink umbrella that would take her anywhere she wanted to go.
Sometimes, it would take off without her evening wishing it and she ended up in some pretty magical places.
Playsuit: H&M from a long time ago
Shoes: Matalan
Shirt: Primark
The umbrella looked delicate, but was stronger than it appeared, which the girl liked to think she was too. 
It was decorated with beautiful hand-painted flowers and the girl never did know who created this magical masterpiece, and sometimes when she was alone, she would twirl the umbrella for hours on end mesmerised by the detail.
It was a cold day that she landed in the forgotten garden, where bonsai trees, Japanese bridges and Koi Carp shuddered in the remnants of the snow. With a twitch of the handle and spin of the umbrella, she was off again to far away lands that were only as great as her imagination.
  • Lizzy Lips

    Beautiful pictures Sarah. You look like a china doll.

  • Urban Butterfly

    What a gorgeous post. Really like how you have layered the shirt under the playsuit great idea x

  • Elle Croft

    Ah, I love this look – you're adorable! Great snow photos!

  • taffetaramblings

    love this post, especially since it is in the snow! the colours of the playsuit are lovely & the umbrella is just perfect. xxx

  • Isabel

    The whole thing looks so magic!! So pretty, as usual ^_^ …

    Isabel xx