Stylust: House of Holland’s Flag Tights

Fancy representin’ your country? Well if you’re from the UK, Oz or the US of A, House of Holland gives you the chance to say it loud and say it proud with its new collection of flag tights.

I myself am particularly drawn to the USA ones. Hey, I like stars okay?

They don’t appear to be online yet – but you can buy them from here, when they are.

Would you wear these? Which are your favourite?

Sarah Betty x

  • Elle Croft

    OMGosh they are so cool! I know I should like the Aussie ones best, but I'm with you – the stars & stripes are just too good :-)

  • daisychain

    favourite? I want them all!

  • VLL

    They are great! I want them now :) Love, V

  • Anita
  • Sarah Andrews

    I can imagine why you'd want the Aussie ones. Hell, I think I want all of them. xx

  • Sarah Andrews

    I really don't blame you. xx

  • Sarah Andrews

    Me too – just not sure how much they'll be? xx

  • Sarah Andrews

    Good choice – thanks for your comment xx

  • Lizzy Lips

    AMAZE! I laddered my HofH supender tights the first time I wore them :( gutted.

  • Ceri

    Omg id look like a walrus flossing in these haha xx