Outfit Post: Horse Riding Hippies and Charity Events

The Look: Horse riding hippy
I really wanted to wear something floaty. The outfit is actually two dresses – so the sleeves belong to a tighter dress underneath, but I was having a fat day, so wanted something looser on top.


It was just an experiment, but seemed to work quite well. The dresses are from AX Paris – but I got them in a second hand shop for very cheap! I belted the dress with a vintage belt from the 70s my aunt gave me years ago. I’ve realised from these photos though that it created quite an odd shape.

I bought the riding boots from Primark for £25. I do seem to get a lot of compliments on them!

The event: The Building Trust ‘Moving Schools’ Exhibition.

My friends Dave and Lou run a charity called ‘Building Trust’ and created a competition for architects to enter with incredible designs to build a school in Burma.

The charity is about offering design and architectural services to those who need it around the world and the school is the first project! Some of the entries were incredible.

There was lots of people there and some of the architects came from around Europe, just for the event. I was quite moved, as it’s so nice to see something your friends are doing work successfully.

I loved the wall where you could suggest on the wall what the next project should be:

If you want to learn more about Building Trust, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you’re all having a really nice weekend. Let me know what you think of the project!

Sarah Betty x

  • daisychain

    I love this outfit and I am dying to know what lipstick you are wearing x

  • Hazel

    Isn't it weird to when you wake up with an outfit craving?? This look fab but I'd definitely end up dipping those sleeves into my breakfast!

  • Hazel

    And I'm with Laura, what lippy is that? It's lovely x

  • Elle Croft

    Great lipstick – and I love the outfit. Very Maid Marian (in a good way)! X

  • Marta

    Interesting post! Your blog is fabulous! :)


  • SomeKindOfStyle

    beautiful whimsical and dreamy look, sweets! adore you make-up, too! x