London Fashion Week Outfit: Day One

Today as the madness crowded at Somerset House, everyone was there to watch the first few shows of London Fashion Week.
There’s a huge emphasis on the first day I think – it’s when everyone is paying more attention. I really wanted to go really looking like me, so went for a quirky look.
Shirt: Primark
Skirt: Ted Baker
Shoes: New Look (from quite a while ago)
Tights: Topshop

The skirt caught my eye the other in Ted Baker and it features little birds in gorgeous illustrated cafes. I wanted to make it the focal piece, so I paired it with white tights and a white shirt.

The background is of an amazing piece of graffiti near our house and it makes me smiles every time I walk past it. Before it was there, there was also a gorgeous picture of a unicorn there.I will do a full round up of London Fashion Week soon. It’s the first time I’ve been able to go to some of the shows I’ve wanted to, so has been an enjoyable experience.

Did you go to London Fashion Week? If not, what would you wear for the first day?


  • Miss Sophie Olivia

    I love that skirt! I didn't attend, but if I did I have no idea what I'd wear! I think it would take me hours to even choose an outfit, haha.

    Sophie x

  • Anonymous

    Love the shoes! Poppy x

  • Urban Butterfly

    The skirt is georgous, great outfit for day one of LFW. The graffiti is amazing too, thanks to them for a nice little back ground for your outfit posts :)

  • Josie Marie

    your skirt is gorgeous! very twee. xx

  • daisychain

    that skirt is amazing! x

  • ameliaflorencesimmons

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Also so happy to have found someone else who loves white tights as much as I do! LFW outfit wise, I'm afraid to say it brings out the worst in me. Instead of getting all dressed up, I always fancy doing the opposite! Weird, because in daily life I do like a good ol' dressing up sesh! Plus today was grimmers weather-wise :( xx

  • Sarah Andrews

    It took me a little while – not so much for the other days though. Thanks for the comment xx

  • Sarah Andrews

    Thanks love xx

  • Sarah Andrews

    Thank you lovely :) I know I love it too – it makes me smile every time I see it xx

  • Sarah Andrews

    Ohhh tweeee – I do love that word. Thanks for the comment xx

  • Sarah Andrews

    Thannnkkk yoooouu :) xx

  • Sarah Andrews

    Omg I seriously love white tights too! I think it's nice to do whatever is right for you at the time. Tomorrow I might go a bit grungy. Thanks for the comment xx