Five things I learned about blogging from #IFBcon

Yesterday I tuned into the International Fashion Blogger’s conference at Milk Studios in NYC. I went to the London version last year and found it very useful. There were some blogging and social media luminaries there including Bryan Boy and DKNY PR Girl.

Here are five key things I learnt about blogging:

1) Organisation: It’s not just passion you need to be a good blogger, it helps to be organised too. This is something I lack. Some of the bloggers on the panelist that day said they have editorial calendars, which takes me back to being a journalist. But I suppose in some ways this is like a publication, so having a plan around events happening throughout the year will help me to be organised.
2) Media Kit: Okay so we all have heard this term being thrown about, but what does it mean? It’s basically a PDF of who you are, what your blog does, who your audience is and what stats you have. It can be anything from one, to five pages, but I recommend not having more than two. Otherwise everything else may appear to be superfluous. It’s great if you want to work with brands and advertisers.

3) Don’t Imitate: Don’t compare yourself to others. Instead be observant of what’s going on and keep tabs of the Industry you’re in. It doesn’t do anyone any favours if you’re trying to write like your favourite blogger – who wants to read two of the same thing? If they wanted content like that, they’d go to that blogger’s website! Find out what you’re passionate about and do it your way.
4) Determining your Blog’s Worth: It was agreed by the panel that this was an ongoing process. You need to research and ask around, because it is still such a new industry. I think though that you can pretty much go off how much traffic and engagement you’re pulling in. If three people want to pay the price, then it’s time to put the price up – that’s what one of the panelists said! But see when the next new wave of bloggers come along, we’ll be the experts – the ones teaching them how to do it.
5) Don’t let analytics determine your content: This is actually so true of what a lot of people (including me) do. It can be hard to just stick to the same thing because it’s getting a lot of hits. But it’s worth getting out there and experimenting too. 

There were also the other typical conversations about brands working with bloggers – things I think have been discussed to death. But there were some really key things I learnt, so I wanted to share them with you. You can look over the tweets yourself with the hashtag #IFBcon.

Did you tune in? What would you add to my top 5 tips?

  • Mads

    Thanks for this. Was at work all day so couldn't tune in to much. The point about determining your worth is a struggle – the line between 'please review this' to 'this is looking like a sponsored post and you're not paying me for it' is a bit blurry sometimes.

  • Aline C.

    Great summary :) I wasn't able to attend the conference and just followed up a bit on twitter. I like your summary, very helpful.
    I'm thinking of starting an editorial calender as well, it would be very helpful to keep up with posting and juggling life/events :)


  • anne m bray

    Thank you for this. I too was at work and we're not allowed to stream stuff. I was reading the tweets as I could. I think you sum it up succinctly.

  • Alona

    Sounds like you had a great time!
    These are great tips :) Thank you so much for sharing!
    I'm a new follower <3

  • Annabel

    wow i really love this! thanks for the tips :)